Whistler BC Ski Vacations – 8 Local Secrets For Getting Top Value

Whistler BC Canada is an aberrant winter destination ski resort, but you do not accept to pay awfully top prices to adore its amazing adorableness and angry area diversity.

Whistler is affordable already you apperceive the bounded money-saving secrets. Here are 8 bounded tips for accepting best Whistler value, while adorning your vacation acquaintance to actualize admirable lifetime


Tip #1- Be Date-Flexible

Most ski vacation destinations accept anniversary date-driven appraisement grids. Some vacation dates will amount you added (like New Year’s), while, others will amount you a lot less. Fortunately, a lot of melancholia amount fluctuations accept little to do with snow conditions, and added to do with customer demand! Whistler is no different.

What does this beggarly for you?

You will pay a lot less, get abundant snow altitude and abstain crowds by planning your vacation about non-peak anniversary dates.

Here are some of Whistler Blackcomb’s best kept abstruse vacation dates, if you can apprehend to get the acropolis to yourself and get bigger adaptation value:

Nov. 27 – Dec. 20 2008
Jan. 8 – Feb. 6 2009
Feb. 23 – Mar. 6 2009
Mar. 30 – Apr. 8 2009

Tip #2- Reduce Your Whistler Adaptation Costs by Arriving and Departing a Few Canicule Beforehand or After During Aiguille Anniversary Periods

If you are planning on visiting Whistler during aiguille anniversary dates like Christmas, New Years, Spring Break or Easter, try to access and leave day or two beforehand or later. This will not affect the absolute amount of canicule that you adore Whistler, but could absolute the amount of nights for which you are paying top apartment dollar in aiguille anniversary season, which can about construe into abounding hundreds of dollars in adaptation savings.

Limit the amount of nights that you break in the a lot of big-ticket seasons by adjusting your accession and abandonment dates to cover cheaper melancholia rates.

Tip#3-Plan Vacation Dates About Lift Admission Melancholia Appraisement Dates

Like accommodations, Whistler lift admission melancholia amount ranges aswell reflect aiguille anniversary dates. Lift tickets amount added during aiguille anniversary periods.

In cases area your lift admission may overlap date-driven amount ranges, the absolute amount you pay for a Whistler Blackcomb lift canyon is bent by the date-driven amount calibration in which your aboriginal skiing/riding day falls.

Plan your vacation about starting to ski/ride aural a date-driven amount ambit with the everyman lift admission prices, even if you alpha on the endure day of that date-driven admission division price. As continued as your aboriginal day avalanche in the best amount range, your absolute admission amount will abatement aural the cheaper range.

For example, the 2008/2009 admission window amount for a 5 day lift tickets that starts December 12 – 19 inclusive, will amount about $400 CAD. The aforementioned 5 day admission that starts December 20 – January 2, 2008 will amount you about $435 CAD. In this example, if you alpha skiing/riding on December 20, 2008, your absolute lift admission will amount about $400.00, even admitting a lot of of your skiing/riding canicule will be in the added big-ticket season.

Tip #4-Take Advantage of Pre-Booking Incentives

Whistler Blackcomb heavily rewards barter who pre-book their lift tickets online. Pre-purchasing 3 or added day abatement Whistler lift tickets for your 2008/2009 ski vacation by November 15, 2008 will save you up to 30% on your passes, except for the Christmas season.

For example, purchasing a 6 day lift admission starting on December 19, 2008 will accolade you with a accumulation of about $145 CAD, accouterment that you acquirement it by November 15, 2008.

What if you can’t book your vacation by November 15, 2008? You still save 5-20% on tickets pre-purchased aural 72 hours of acrimonious them in the resort.

Tip #5-Be Aware of Date-Driven Promotions & Plan Accordingly

In accession to aboriginal booking incentives, Whistler Blackcomb aswell offers Whistler Abatement Discovery Weeks, if the resort’s a lot of accepted ski and snowboard programs are 40% off. There are no booking deadlines to qualify, and the advance takes abode during the afterward dates:

Opening – December 19, 2008
January 5 – 23, 2009
February 23 – March 13, 2009

If you book your vacation to abatement aural these date ranges, you would save $232 on a 5-day kids ski or snowboard Adventure Camp, or $48/day per developed accumulation lesson.

Tip #6-Don’t Just Focus on Ski-In/Out Accommodation

Staying in a Whistler ski-in/out area will amount you a lot added per night, but about does not aftereffect in a bigger ski vacation experience.


Slope ancillary backdrop tend to be smaller, added expensive, and beneath attainable to Whistler Village. Thanks to a absurd chargeless Whistler shuttle system, accepting to and from the slopes and Whistler Village from a lot of resort locations is easy, fast and free. You don’t accept to pay added for the area accessibility of abruptness ancillary adaptation to adore the allowances of getting abutting to everything, including the slopes.

Take the time to attending at ALL adaptation options aural a 10-minute airing to the lifts. You will about get added aboveboard footage, amenities and accessibility to Whistler Village conveniences for the same, or less, money.

Tip #7-Book Adaptation Anon with Owners

Booking your adaptation anon with owners offers you the allowances of broad adaptation prices, a claimed home, and a personal, locally abreast ability being if you charge it.

Renting anon from owners enables you to bypass all accidental average abettor fees and commissions. There are hundreds of Whistler homeowners who now hire their condos and townhouses abreast and anon to Whistler visitors.

Tip #8-Take the Time to Analysis Flights

With gas prices accepted to ascend even further, it is account it to yield the time to analysis flights. Using consolidator casework like Expedia.com, Travelocity.com and CheapTickets.com offers the account of accelerated amount allegory and simple online bookings. However, you should aswell analysis prices for booking absolute with airlines. You will sometimes get bigger deals and seats. A lot of airlines now action simple online bookings and bench selection. Even if there is no amount difference, but you can get bigger seats, it is account your effort.


Although these tips are Whistler BC-specific, they can aswell be about activated to any added ski resort destination. They anniversary accept their own promotions and incentives.

Reward yourself with best amount by demography the time to analysis appraisement and resort promotional programs and try to plan your dates accordingly. Book anon with owners and bounded businesses for affable service, bounded ability and consumer-direct value.

Above all, bethink that in the end, vacations are not about how abundant money you saved, but about whether or not you created a ablaze lifetime anamnesis with your accompany and family. Whistler is an acclaimed abode area you can rest, rejoice and renew with your admired ones. Saving money is just the icing on the cake!